Asakusa Monja-yaki

Asakusa, where there are a lot of monja-yaki (savory pancakes) restaurants lined up is supposedly the origin of monja-yaki.
Asakusa MJ is a restaurant where you can enjoy both teppan-yaki (Japanese style BBQ) and monja-yaki.

‘We classify ourselves as a monja-yaki restaurant but we only have one kind of monja and our concept is to get our customers to have various teppan-yaki dishes first then finish their meal with monja. Our main teppan-yaki dish is thick juicy steak.’

The most popular steak refered to as Prime thick steak double, is 700g in weight, the meat is a well selected Japanese rump.

‘The steak is fried until crispy and spicy and is rare inside, when it comes to your table, you then roast it to taste.’

The steak has an authentic taste for you to enjoy with only salt and pepper on it.

‘It’s different to just fried gyoza (fried dumplings), the gyoza is fried in a pan with cabbage, no water is used, instead, the steaming cabbage provides the moisture. It’s quite original so you can’t find the same method anywhere else.’

The last dish of a course which is monja-yaki is made from 10 kinds of ingredients, the key to it is the blended fish powder made from mackerel and adductor muscles, this powder really completes the dish.
The dashi (dried fish stock) in Asakusa MJ’s monja-yaki compliments the dish well and creates a nostalgic taste that brings to mind the classic Tokyo old downtown area.

The prime thick steak dish is only served with course meals, more steak can be added depending on the number of people.
Their course meals for large groups are highly recommended and they can take bookings for parties and the restaurant can be booked out for functions too.

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