Japanese fried rolled egg Tsukiji Yamacho

Tsukiji Yamacho was founded in 1949. It’s a popular restaurant in Tsukiji that has been offering their fried rolled egg since opening.

‘Since opening 66 years ago we have been using the same MSG FREE natural bonito broth my father taught me to make as an ingredient, and that’s the secret for the delicious taste.’

‘Our fried bonito flakes’ broth’s flavor loses strength after a while so we only use freshly flaked dried bonito.
Every single morning, we receive freshly flaked dried bonito from a bonito flake shop but of course, if the flakes age two to three days then the flavor won’t be there anymore.
That’s why we only use fresh ones every morning. That’s very important.’

‘The ingredients are all carefully selected.
We don’t use eggs that have already been taken out the shell so we crack each egg one by one with our hands because my late father left it in his will that I must check the eggs with my own eyes when cracking and then make fried eggs.’

You can eat the freshly cooked fried eggs made by a skillful chef in a careful manner one at a time.
There are two kinds of fried eggs, one is sweet and one is not.
You can add some grated radish as a topping for them.

The grated radish goes very well with the flavor of the bonito flakes broth.

‘We couldn’t live our lives if we couldn’t enjoy eating.
We really care about the pleasure of eating delicious food and enjoying eating.
We keep trying to make our customers happy by making delicious food to the best of our abilities.’

Their unique taste taught by the owner’s father has been loved by everyone in Tsukiji for a long time and it makes a lot of people smile.

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