Sushi train Katsu-midori

Katsu-midori, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Tokyo, provides delicious sushi that are made with fresh ingredients, and offers unique performances for customers.

‘We are not just cheap and delicious, we do performances when serving sushi for customers.’

In this restaurant, two unique performances that are provided by restaurant staff are very popular.
One is the salmon roe pouring performance, which a restaurant staff calls out and fills your plate with salmon roe.
The other performance is that the restaurant manager roasts and serves marbled tuna at the counter.

‘We have plenty of items on the menu including non-raw dishes such as roasted sushi, deep fried food and salads so everyone can enjoy themselves.’

All seats have iPads for ordering sushi. In addition to a regular lane, they have an express lane and a tray service lane, so how they serve you is also enjoyable if viewed with a playful mind.

‘Thank you for coming to our Kosugi branch, Sushi Katsumidori restaurant.
We have plenty of specialty dishes, but we are going to serve roasted marbled tuna today.
This dish is going to be the salted version.
We are going to sprinkle luxury bamboo charcoal salt from Noto peninsula on the tuna.

Ok, I’m going to sprinkle the salt first.
Alright, now I’m going to roast it. It’s complete!’

‘Here we go, the roasted marbled tuna is now complete.
We only have four of these dishes, the price is 200 yen per dish, put your hand up if you would like one, anyone?’

‘Sushi is a mainstay food in Japan, so please visit us and enjoy it.’

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