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Japanese Restaurants in Ebisu

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Mizutaki: The Most Flavorful Watery Looking Soup Dish You’ll Ever Have
Enjoy some delicious Japanese-style hot pot, or “Mizutaki.” The “mizu” o... read more

The Crab Goes in and Deliciousness Comes Out with Kani Nabe
When it comes to winter food to warm the body and soul, there are few things in Japa... read more

Stave off winter's chill with "Oden"
Brrr! It’s a cold winter’s night, or even day, and you’re looking ... read more

The Pufferfish Takes a Jacuzzi, and the Results are Delicious
Fugu nabe(hot pot) Fugu, despite being (or perhaps because it can be) dangerously po... read more

Motsu Nabe simmers it up with some of the more interesting beef and pork cuts
Flavorful bits of meat, simmered up tender. Around the world, there is a culinary tr... read more

Sukiyaki Is For Meat Lovers
Sukiyaki, ready for your attention. One of the common questions among nascent Japane... read more

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