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is a hot pot dish originating in western Japan, but now popular all over the country. The clear broth gets its flavor from dried seaweed, or “konbu,” and it is in this broth that you cook your chicken (or sometimes other meats) and vegetables table-side. The soup gives a delicious, subtle, but still complex flavor profile. Once cooked, you take the items out of the pot, traditionally dipping them in a ponzu soy sauce before eating. The meal is generally ended with rice or noodles being added to the remaining soup, making for a satisfying finish to a hearty dinner.
is grilled, skewered chicken, sometimes combined with pieces of Japanese green onion. Of course there is your standard chicken breast and thigh meat, but don’t be afraid to get adventurous! Liver, heart, cartilage, skin, and just about every other part of the chicken is also available skewered up and grilled to perfection. Yakitori comes off the grill with a light, soy-based sauce already applied, or simply salted. Every Japanese businessman will tell you that nothing goes better with yakitori than a glass of beer!


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